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To Make a Reservation

Option 1:  You can call us on (08) 9725 1206 to reserve your room

Option 2:  Click BOOK NOW to make an online booking

Option 3:  Click HERE to send us an email to arrange a booking


Cancellation Policy

To confirm your booking, a minimum deposit equal to the first night accommodation cost (charged at the nightly rate) is required, with payment in full prior to or upon arrival. 

Cancellation charges (if applicable) may be paid separately or withheld from your deposit upon refund.

For all standard bookings, cancellation charges apply for each accommodation/site:


Cancellations given with a minimum of 5 days notice prior to check in date shall receive a full refund (less any booking fees paid). This includes COVID related Cancellations

NO Refund will be given after the minimum 5 days prior to arrival has passed and full payment of the booking will be payable.

NO Refund will be given post arrival for any reason including COVID related cancellations.

Booking Terms & Conditions


Upon check in, our guest accepts personal liability for all accommodation and ancillary costs charged to the room and for any loss, soil or damage to the room during your stay in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions together with the Park Rules below:

1.  Lodging is for short term purposes only and guests must vacate on the scheduled departure date. 

2.  We ask that you please respect the peace, comfort and privacy of other park patrons at all times.  You must not act in a harassing manner to any of the staff, guests or visitors to the property. 

3. We require that your visitors park in the visitor car park area, abide by park rules visitors are not permitted to bring pets into the park. Visitors must leave the property by 9.00 pm. 

4.  You may be required to provide a copy of your driver's licence or other acceptable identification upon request. This must be current photo identification with your correct address.  

5.  Australind Tourist Park takes no responsibility for damage or theft of your vehicle or any personal belongings during your stay. 

6.  If there is any damages to your room or property you will be liable for the cost of the repairs and any revenue lost during the period of repair.  It is expected that you will leave the room in a reasonable state of cleanliness upon your departure or you may incur a damage or soiling fee. 

7.   Please be aware that smoking is not permitted in any of the rooms or in any building or BBQ area.  It is permitted on balconies but only if the door and windows to the room are closed and in a manner that is respectful to other guests.   Any evidence of smoke in your room will incur a minimum $250 fine which may be automatically charged to your credit card or bond payment.

8.  Lost or stolen Keys/Gate Passes shall incur a minimum $25 fee which may be automatically charged to your credit card or bond payment. 

9. If you breach any terms and conditions or park rules you will be asked to leave the property.  If so, you forfeit any refund of monies paid on your account.  Breaches or disturbances may result in you being placed on a National Accommodation Blacklist. 

10.  The charging details of a valid credit card are required upon reservation.  These details are recorded and the card may be charged prior to arrival, after cancellation or upon departure with any unpaid ancillary costs or for any soil, loss or damage incurred during your stay.  In providing the card details, you confirm that you hold the authority to charge this card for the purpose stated and in doing so offer your permission for the card to be charged directly as above.  If you do not have a valid credit card to record, you may be refused accommodation at our discretion or requested to pay a security bond of $250 cash.  The cash bond will be refunded to you on departure less any additional charges incurred during your stay as per the terms and conditions.   

Park Rules

PLEASE BE NEIGHBOURLY and keep noise levels to a minimum and in a manner that is not likely to offend or upset other guests. 10pm to 9am is quiet time.  Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated, please report to office if you experience any cause for concern. 

SPEED Limit is 8km throughout the park which is walking pace.  Please be aware of children in particular, apply the speed limit at all times.  Failure to abide to this will result in you unable to enter the Park in a vehicle.

RECYCLING Please do the right thing and use the comingle recycle bins with your CLEAN recycling items

VISITORS are welcome but please ask them to park in the front carpark (before the entry gate) and leave the park
by 9.00pm.  If you have overnight visitors, please inform office staff and charges do apply.  You are responsible for your visitor’s behaviour. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets into the park.

SMOKING is not permitted in any of our accommodation or park amenity buildings.  Smokers please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground, extinguish them and place in a bin. 

PETS are welcome on our campsites.  Please be sure to clean up after them and keep them on a lead at all times in the park.   Sorry but we cannot permit pets in or near any of our accommodation or amenity buildings due to Harvey Shire regulations.  Pets must not be a nuisance or unreasonably interfere with the peace, comfort of convenience of other people or pets. There is a dog off leash park on Lucy Victoria Avenue opposite the Golf Club and walking paths through to Australind.

ALCOHOL & DRUGS Drug use and antisocial or drunken behaviour will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave without notice.

CHILDREN & PLAYGROUND Kids are precious so please watch out for them around the park.  All children under 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.  For safety reasons, please do not ride skateboards and scooters after dark.  We provide a playground for children’s enjoyment, please don’t allow them to play around the amenities, buildings or other guests rooms/sites.   The playground is closed 9pm to 9am so please ensure your children respect other guests and keep to these times.

MAINTENANCE If you have a maintenance issue, please let management know during your stay so we can fix it for you.

WATER RESTRICTIONS Please do not use town water to wash vehicles or water gardens.  There is a car recycle wash in Eaton and Bunbury if required.  Bore water is used for park grounds maintenance.

GAS bottles can be exchanged at the office.

BBQ’s  in the park are provided free of charge for your convenience.  They are cleaned daily, but please clean up after use leaving it clean for your neighbour to use.


CLEANLINESS please keep your van/cabin/motel/site in a clean, tidy and respectable condition both inside and out.  When checking out please be sure you remove all personal belongings and place your rubbish in the bins provided and do your dishes.  Leave your van/cabin/site in an acceptable condition and if you have a maintenance issue, please let management know. 

PRIVATE PROPERTY please respect the private property of the park, staff and guests.  Do not trespass on areas outside of your rented site and public amenity areas. 

Park Rules ensure quiet enjoyment for all of our guests.  These Park Rules form an important part of your agreement with Australind Tourist Park.  Failure to follow these rules may result in disciplinary action and/or eviction from the park with or without notice, depending on the severity of the breach. 

Website Disclaimer


Australind Tourist Park, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, will not be liable in any way to you or any other person for any loss or damage however caused (including through negligence) whether directly or indirectly through the use of this website or any other website hyperlinked to it.  This general disclaimer is not restricted in any way by the specific matters set out in other disclaimers on this site.

Australind Tourist Park  makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness, accuracy or currency of any information contained on this website.  Any such warranty or representation is excluded to the extent permitted by law.  In circumstances where you must rely on information from Australind Tourist Park, any information contained on this website should be verified by contacting the Australind Tourist Park at:  65 Old Coast Road, Australind  WA  6233 - Phone 08 9725 1206 or Email Opening Hours:  8:00am to 6:00pm

Australind Tourist Park provides the information on this website in good faith and it is believed to be accurate at the time of posting.  The provision of content on this website in no way replaces or supersedes any obligation Australind Tourist Park as under any law to provide access to documents which may be required under any law.  The use of materials provided on this site in lieu of procuring such materials as prescribed by law is at your sole risk.

Australind Tourist Park may alter, add or remove content from this website but makes no representation or warranty that the website will be kept up to date.  The content provided is on an “as is” basis.



The internet is not a secure medium.  Communication to and from this website may be intercepted and/or altered in transit.  You take sole responsibility for any necessary precautions to protect your computer from any virus, trojan or other form of malicious software which could damage or interfere with the operation of your own computer system.  Australind Tourist Park does not warrant this website or any linked website to be free of malicious software.


This website may use cookies to collect anonymous traffic data from users who access this website.  Additionally our web servers may collect information such as browser type, IP address and domain name of clients accessing the site.  Where you provide details to us due to an interest in services provided by the Australind Tourist Park, you consent to us sending commercial electronic messages to any address that you provide for this purpose.  The content of this statement forms the basis of the internal Web Privacy and Security policy that applies to user interactions with the Australind Tourist Park website.



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It is intended for general use and information. Information and files may be downloaded, stored in cache, displayed and printed. Content must not be modified, copied, reproduced, or republished except with the written authorisation of tAustralind Tourist Park


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Protection of personal information

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Accountability (applicable to both privacy and security)

Australind Tourist Park staff who operate and manage the Australind Tourist Park Website are instructed to operate in a way that aligns with the Commonwealth's - Privacy Act 1988.

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